Fast Interior Design...our space and the latest sneaker trend.

The door slammed closed behind her and the stylish brass door handle tumbled down to the floor. Oh no!  Not too long ago, she replaced the polished chrome door handle with the latest and greatest new brass handle, brushed brass that is! She looked at the broken handle and considered what to replace it with next. Is brass still fashionable or should I go with bronze? she questioned. Sifting through the latest interior design magazine, blogs and catalogs, brass seems to be the way to go. She still wasn't sure and weighed different options. What if I want to be one step ahead of the pack, maybe I should choose something totally different? Maybe no handles at all, maybe just a hole? It could become a trend, she thought.....

Interior design is becoming like fast fashion! Furniture stores like West Elm, CB2 and the likes are cashing in on the trends. Every season a new color palette, new materials, furniture re-interpretations of bygone era's etc, all at reasonable price points. Don't get me wrong, nothing against West Elm and CB2 etc. I'm pleased these stores are offering the latest and "greatest". So why not change that sofa out after 2 years and replace it with a more "on trend" piece?

Because........good design is timeless! And if we design based on trends only, we're loosing the "timeless" aspect! is not good for the environment, nor your wallet......

Space is where you dwell, where you experience so much of your human existence. It is sacred and can't be treated like your latest trendy pair of sneakers. Make it yours! Make it how you like it and where you feel comfortable, not according to the latest trends. Here are some tips to keep it "timeless" yet cool and hip:

  • Choose classic shapes for your main furniture pieces
  • Consider reupholstering existing pieces if you like an update
  • Change out throw pillows and/or accessories to give it the latest edge
  • Re-paint your walls
  • Re-arrange furniture and accessories to move the energy around

Try new things until "you feel the “magic bit” is coming in, you never now when that is"!

Thanks for reading and sharing. Let me know what you think.